Saturday, 7 April 2007

Hand Made double pointed knitting needles

I got the idea for this off another craft forum I visit every day, it's and this board covers just about every craft you can think of! It's a great read and everyone on their is sooo friendly!
Anyway, You are supposed to make theese from chopsticks or wooden dowels, well after hunting everywhere for chopstiks, and figuring out that I couldn't carry a 6ft wooden dowel with my food shopping with out injuring myself or some innocent member of the public, I had a brain wave that pencils would work. I had some pencils lying around, so i sanded the paint off them and shaved them down to the width I wanted them( these are 6.5mm thick) I used a pencil sharpener to make the other end pointy and then I painted them ( their standing in blue tack drying after varnishing), then I used clear nail polish to give them a coat of varnish and to protect the paint from chipping and hey presto! I also made some 6.5mm circular knitting needles as well, I thought i had taken a pic of them, but i havn't so I will post them tommorow!
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Pat said...

What a great idea. May have to borrow it. I also love to knit.

Anonymous said...

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