Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Whilemina Witch!!!

I would like you to meet a nearly, but not quite finished Whilemina the witch!

I am fairly happy with her, althought she is supposed to have seperate fingers sewn on to her mittens. but due to my poor sewing skills and lack of patience, i decided to leave the fingers. I got the pattern from simply knitting magazine and it is by alan dart, of course i may have to make another one when i have finished her, as whilemina is not as good as i had hoped!I hope that you like her! I need to get Whilemina finished as i have a secret pal swap which i have got to get on with! I am so excited about doing this as it is my first secret pal swap and I hope my secret pals will like there packages!

so all i have to do to whilemina is give her some hair! in the magazine she has purple hair, but i may go for green! sew her hat on and sew up her cauldron!

my other projects that i am trying to get finished is a cross stitched witch , witch i will take a photo of when it is done1 Today i may start on some more yuletide Gnomes!

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