Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Mum's birthday presents

I have totally given up on the idea of making a crocheted birthday cake for mum, it just didn't look right, i don't know how or why, but i just didnt like it! so, in the end i decided to knit some fairy cakes(cupcakes) for mum instead as part of her present, there is one really cool pattern available on the web, but it involves knitting in the round, i attempted to do this, but i just ended up in a big tangle! lol so that was no good, then i discovered that i had a pattern for fairy cakes already on my pc, so i made theese, it isnt the best of pics, but you'll get the idea anyway!
As i said they are not the best of pics, I have really got learn knitting in the round! I have already posted a few pics of the mother hen I have also knitted for my mum, but now it is finished the baby chicks now have eyes and feet!
As a little extra and because i just couldnt resist making one the yuletide gnomes from simply knitting mag, I made her one of theese as well

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