Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The Crocheted Birthday cake saga

As a little extra for my mum's birthday I decided to crochet a cake for her and to be honest i don't know whether I am completly happy with it, I have played about with the shape abit, this was the 1st attempt, I have used strips of cardboard to stiffen the sides a wee bit, but I decided it was to tall and a bit too stiff
I have been playing about trying to make swils of cream , to put some cherries on, but i have now decided that the cream wool I was using is to stiff and is'nt flowing enough, So I have now made the strips of cardboard smaller and put a bit more stuffing in it and I am a bit more satisfied with it now, I dont think I am going to get it perfect, but thats the way it goes!
I think it looks more like a cake now!

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